In the fifties, surfing was nearly unknown by the basic neighborhood. Then, relatively out of nowhere, everyone wished to go surfing or a minimum of have an association with the way of life. All of a sudden, a brand-new design of surf clothes began to be seen, even in midwestern states far from the waves.  These days you can even get a cheap paddle board and hit the water affordably. Exactly what occurred?

No, it was not the Beach Boys who initially promoted surfing. In 1957, a guy wrote a brief book about his daughter, who was one of the very first surfer women. Called “Gidget”, the book went on to become a hit motion picture in 1959. That was where it all really began.

The manufacturers of the film understood they were on to something big and enlisted huge stars James Darren and Sandra Dee to star in the movie, with super star Cliff Robertson in a strong supporting role. The motion picture featured some browsing video footage, however mainly it included ladies in swimwears and well-built guys in surfing trunks.

The appeal of that film resulted in many more copy cats. In popular song, surf music ended up being huge, with groups like Jan and Dean and the Beach Boys making into Primary on the charts. About the only teens who didn’t like their music were web surfers, who truly chosen to keep their sport to themselves. Rather, they listened to the music of bands like Cock Dale and the Ventures. The hectic guitar licks in instrumentals like “Perfidia” and “Walk, Do not Run” were exactly what they listened to before they dealt with the waves.

There was no stopping the tidal wave of interest in browsing, though. In just a few brief years, browsing had actually gone from no place to mainstream. Unexpectedly the beaches were filled with internet users and where they could not surf, youths wore surfing styles and imagined riding the waves.

Baggy Hawaiian t-shirts, saggy trunks and Hawaiian print bikinis were the browsing design of that age. It took some time for a surfing apparel industry to evolve, however develop it did. Today, some of the early surf wear business are multi-million dollar corporations.

Today, you can find surfwear being used just about anywhere in the world. It runs the gamut from board shorts and swimwears to shoes, shorts, pants, shirts as well as socks. Women styles include tank tops, blouses, skirts, miniskirts and dresses. In fact, many surfers discover adequate styles to select from that they wear absolutely nothing else but browse wear.

Surfing and surf clothing have gotten in the mainstream and are not on the fringes. The best web surfers worldwide make countless dollars and the huge surfwear companies compete for their sponsorship dollars. You cannot help but wonder exactly what Gidget thinks about all the changes. watersports, take a break on a boat that takes you along the coast to soak up the stunning natural appeal.

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